Triangle Empowerment Center

To create a happy, healthy, united community through empowerment and education.

Triangle Empowerment Center, Inc. will always find ways to support those at risk for homelessness, people with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, men and women who are substance abusers, veterans, and mentally ill. We offer a holistic approach of care through crisis intervention, food, shelter, housing, education, and referrals.

As an organization for healing and empowerment, TEC conduct activities that promote healthy self-concept, constructive decision-making, cultural affirmation and critical consciousness among Same Gender Loving (SGL) and bisexual people. TEC affirms and educates SGL and bisexual men and women while providing tools for self-determination, community, responsibility, self-actualization, and the prevention of health threats.

TEC is challenged to address rural health disparities that have a impact to young gay men of color.