Triangle Empowerment Center

Triangle Empowerment Center has a mission to empower groups in action helping people in crisis through assistance, placement, referrals, and prayers.

Triangle Empowerment Center, Inc. is positioned to meet the needs of persons from various socio-economic backgrounds, to include those with low income, homelessness, unemployed, disabled substance abusers, HIV/AIDS, and veterans who find themselves in emergency crisis situations.

TEC is built on a philosophy that embraces same gender loving experience as an intrinsic facet of everyday life. Integral to TEC’s approach is the understanding that, in order to decrease internal and external homo-reactionary thinking and demystify differences around diverse ways of living, loving and being, same gender loving, bisexual and transgendered people of color must engage in supportive dialogue with each other and the community.

The types of assistance Triangle Empowerment Center, Inc. offers are intended to bridge gaps to long-term solutions to problems for historically under-served populations in our community.