Triangle Empowerment Center

TEC conducts various support groups to engage and empower participants to take control of their diagnosis. Thus, being more inclusive of living a healthy mental, physical and spiritual lifestyle. We also have Peer Support Counselors at each group. These counselors made up of dedicated HIV/AIDS client who help educated those who are newly diagnosed and the community as a whole. They must attend a two-day workshop to gain training knowledge and certification. Our groups are anonymous and provide a safe, nondiscriminatory atmosphere for participants to explore feelings and concerns regarding their diagnosis. Our groups are divided into 4 support groups.

MClub Outreach

TEC conduct youth outreach through its M Club Outreach Program. These are a group of youthful and innovated MSMs ranging from the age of 15-29 that addresses underlying issues that may lead to risky sexual behaviors. The group also addresses issues related to social, political, educational, economic, health, family, and relationship challenges. Our group of Peer Educators do outreach at schools, nightclubs, youth organizations and their own social network. We also do outreach at local college campuses to ensure proper HIV/AIDS educational and prevention programs are in place. Drop in center coming soon.

Mpowerment Group

Consists of 25-30 older MSMs, gay, bisexual, transgender, and curious men from the ages 25 and up. They meet monthly to address a variety of issues and concerns that range from health to housing to finance.

transgender shadowLadies of the T Group

Consists of 15-20 Transgender men and women, this group was created to assist and advocate for the Transgender community in gaining respect in a society that has written them off. To provide a safe space to empower them to seek higher education, job placement, housing, skill building, physical and mental health. The program also provides HIV/AIDS education and prevention to all in the program. Reaching them where they are.

With our groups, in our experience, we’ve found that fellowship establishes trust and helps cultivate the community. Our outline component works to maintain community relationships. But our fellowship initiatives are a cornerstone of Triangle Empowerment Center, Inc.

Through fellowship we are able to grow more chapters, stimulate positive interaction between people who may have otherwise not gotten the chance to know one another, and help bring people face to face to organize and discuss and share ideas that can continue to help our group and it’s members grow, with an ultimate plan to make a difference in underrepresented communities.